Lanzarote in March is Mostly Sunny

In March there is a 68% chance of if being sunny, 59% chance of being windy and a 14% chance of a rainy day.

On average March has 2 days where it rains and a total of 12.5mm rainfall recorded on average with a 3% chance of it being cloudy, so you can expect warm, dry and clear days.

Sunny Day
Windy Day
Some Cloud
Rainy Day
Cloudy Day
Stormy Day

March Temperatures in Lanzarote

March is mostly sunny with an overall average temperature of 19°C, highs of 23°C and lows of 15°C. Weather

Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Wind

Lanzarote in March is always warm and each day is mostly sunny, with a 68% chance of a clear and sunny day and a 56% overall chance of a windy day.  There's a 28% chance that it will be partly cloudy and 3% chance of total cloud cover.

March's Average Daily Rainfall in Lanzarote

Overall there is a 12% chance of rain in Lanzarote during March. The maximum rainfall recorded was on March 3rd at 109mm with an average 17% chance of rain on that day. Whilst there is chance of rain on most days, historically it has only rained.