Playa Honda


Playa Honda is the closest resort to Arrecife Airport, being located just outside the airport boundaries. It’s part of the municipality of San Bartolome and although it is not a purpose-built resort, it has experienced exponential growth in the past decade due to Lanzarote’s rising popularity. With plenty of facilities and golden-sand beaches, Playa Honda is ideal either as a holiday resort or even as a permanent location for those looking to relocate to the Canaries.

Things to do in Playa Honda

Playa Honda has a beautiful promenade that links the resort to the island's capital - Arrecife, as well as to Puerto del Carmen. An afternoon walk on the beautiful seafront is a great way to relax and indulge in the serenity Playa Honda has to offer.

Surfers are definitely the most pleased holidaymakers in Playa Honda, as the conditions here are ideal for surfing. The resort has many surf schools, for amateurs and professionals as well, you can hire equipment and try this exciting sport in the safe hands of surf instructors.

Another popular watersport here is windsurfing - again, you can find many shops to hire equipment from on the promenade.

If you are not an adrenaline enthusiast, then you can also safely watch surfers from the comfort of the many cafes, bars and restaurants ideally placed on the seafront.

Shopping in Playa Honda

Centro Comercial Deiland

The main shopping centre in Playa Honda is Centro Comercial Deiland. With many shops, outlets, cafes, a food court, a cinema and even a bowling facility, the Deiland is a great place to pass the time on a rainy or hot day, proving entertainment for the entire family. If you’re traveling with children and want to do some shopping, there is a play gym where they can stay for only 4 euros per hour.

If you have just relocated to Playa Honda, a great place to look for home decor, DIY, electrical or household goods and even garden tools is Mega Centro, located just off LZ-2, 2 kilometres away from the airport. You can find fresh fruit and veggies, as well as fresh meat at the local market - AfricaMar or you can opt for the large supermarket Hiper Dino.

Beaches of Playa Honda

When choosing Playa Honda as your holiday destination, there are some factors you should keep in mind. Because of its location, you might want to go sunbathing in one of the neighbouring resorts, such as Arrecife or Puerto del Carmen. As the airport is just around the corner, there is a lot of noise from the departures and arrivals of airplanes, making sunbathing not all that relaxing. As there are many surfers too, it’s difficult to go for a swim as well.

But if you don’t mind the noise, you should know the two golden-sand beaches, namely Playa Honda Beach (2 kilometres long) and Guacimeta (1 kilometre long) have many amenities available - tapas bars, cafes, places to eat, showers, restrooms and parking. A plus is that you will be able to see planes take off and land right above your heads - sounds exciting to us!

The surrounding area

Castillo de San Jose

Playa Honda remains a fairly quiet resort, undiscovered by many tourist agencies and therefore more suitable for older couples and families. If you’re looking for a fun night out, then we recommend Puerto del Carmen. It’s only 10 kilometres away to the south and there are many buses to and from the resort. A taxi ride would cost you somewhere around 20 euros and the trip would take 10-12 minutes. Besides its nightlife, known as the best on the island, there are many good restaurants in Puerto del Carmen and the must-see town harbour, filled with luxurious yachts.

Arrecife is also close to Playa Honda, only 5 kilometres away to the north. Easily accessible by bus or taxi, there are many transportation methods - all good value for money. A bus will cost you less than 2 euros, while a taxi is somewhere around 6 - 8 euros. Apart from fine dining and shopping, there are many historical places to visit in the island’s capital, such as the two fortresses - Castillo de San José and Castillo de San Gabriel. If you’re up for it, you can also take a walk on the promenade from Playa Honda to Arrecife - it’s 4,5 kilometres away and shouldn’t take you more than an hour to reach your destination.