Discover the Beaches in Playa Blanca

Beaches in Playa Blanca

All of the beaches offer a mix of water sports activities as well as fantastic views of the nearby island, Fuerteventura. With an amazing climate no matter what time of year you visit, the Playa Blanca beaches provide wonderful areas where you can chill out, relax and enjoy the sun. But if you are really feeling spoilt for choice, how do you decide which of the beaches to visit, if not all of them? Let’s take a look at each beach and just a few of the individual delights on offer.

Playa Blanca "White Beach"

Right in the heart of Playa Blanca, it's quite a small beach, which,  during peak times can become quite crowded. This is a beautiful beach and the town, Playa Blanca, is named after it.

Known locally as the ‘white beach’ it is so clean that it sports a European Blue Flag. It’s a great place for children as the waters are crystal clear and supported by superb facilities.  The beach is also close to the harbour so you will find a great mix of cafes, bars and restaurants serving delicious food.

When you have finished your sun bathing, a trip to the nearby shops is also a great way to pass the time and spend a little local currency!

Playa Dorada "Golden Beach"

Play Dorada is a protected beach within walking distance of the main town. Playa Dorada translates as ‘the golden beach’, so named due to its honey-coloured sand.  As well as having a vast expanse of soft warm sand to relax and play on, the sea here is also very calm, making it particularly popular for early morning swims.

It is not too far from the main resort of the town so shops, cafes and bars are all close.  You will also find a delightful 5-star hotel by the beach offering a choice of seven restaurants, in-house entertainment and accommodation.

Playa Flamingo Beach

If you decide to head to the Playa Flamingo beach, you will find it just west of the main town.  Accessed via the sea-front walkway/promenade, this beach has everything you need, being safe, superbly clean and stunning to look at.  You will find the waters crystal clear, calm and warm so if you have young children; it is a perfect spot to spend some time.  Shops and eateries are all close by so you can ensconce the whole family for the day and not have to move far to keep them fed and watered.

Papagayo Beaches

To the east of Playa Blanca you will find a group of five quiet, natural beaches with beautiful golden sand, surrounded by cliffs. If you truly like to get far away from the ‘Madding Crowd’ then these beaches could be perfect for you. However, access is not as easy as with the other beaches.

You can tackle the poorly finished dirt road which even taxis and rental cars avoid or do it the easy way and take a boat from Playa Blanca harbour.
Here you will find little sign of sun beds, cafes or restaurants so it is best to take provisions with you.

Other Beaches in the area include...

Los Coloradas

This is a pretty untouched beach that has a moderate grainy sand that is mixed with a little picon and makes it a real contrast to the other beaches found in the area that all have very fine golden sand. It is situated not far from the castle of the same name! 

El Golfo

There are 2 beaches at El Golfo, the main one and largest being beside the Church de los Cllos ( the green lagoon). next to this is a small inlet which is very close to the houses of the village of El Golfo. Having black sand and a calm sea, you may be deterred by the black sand however it is still a wonderful beach for a visit. 

Janubio Beach

A beautiful and tranquil beach with perfect black sand and a lagoon that offers calm waters. It is situated next to the islands salt flats and that in itself offers a visit work taking. 

La Campana

This beach can be found in the development of the same name and offers limited amenities to visitors. 

La Mulata

A small beach at less than 100 metres having fine golden sand with a mix of picon (small lava stones) that have been blown on to the beach with the moderate wind. Being in a small developed area there are a few amenities available to visitors.