The Municipalities of Lanzarote


The island of Lanzarote is made up of 7 municipalities each being slightly different and having a wealth of places to visit making this seemingly small island very big in character. 

The municipalities are;

Arrecife is the smallest of the municipalities in area and yet has the highest population of 56,940 within the municipality of Arrecife is the town of the same name which is the Islands Capital, having a wealth of history in the area along with a number of beautiful beaches. 

Teguise with a population of 21,454,Tegusie the town was once the capital of the island! Within the municipality which is the largest of the 7 you will find places of great interest such as Llano de Zonzamas, Caleta de Famara, Tahiche, Cesar Manrique Foundation and much more. 

Tias has a population of 20,019,and also has the vibrant town of Puerto del Carmen within its municipality, 

San Bartolome has the next highest population of 18,402, having the largest shopping centre on the island within Playa Honda makes this a busy municipality and well worth a stop off in. 

Yaiza has a population of 15,815, is the most up and coming tourist destination on the island with the beautiful resort of Playa Blanca, places of interest such as El Golfo, Salinas de Janubio and the stunning beaches of Papagayo

Tinajo with 5,842, within this municipality you will find the stunning are of Timanfaya National Park with is a unesco Biosphere area. Having some fantastic beaches for surfing and windsurfing.

Haria, which also has the island of La Graciosa, with only 4,755, is the northern most municipality of the island and has a mass of areas of stunning beauty the town itself has been called 'The Valley of 1000 Palms'. A must to visit is the Mirador del Rio to take in the stunning views of the island of La Graciosa.